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By Erdal Cinkiş

Category: Hair Transplant

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Before Hair Transplant Operation


Hair transplantation is carried out by moving the hair follicles taken from the back of the head near the neck to the area where the hair falls. So how long does the hair transplant surgery take? What is the process after hair transplantation? Should pre-treatment be made for hair transplantation?



Hair transplantation operation is not actually a very long process. Even the inspection and decision phase of the operation takes a little longer. During a typical hair transplantation examination, the individual's hair structure, the causes of shedding and the rate of shedding are examined in detail. A normal hair transplantation process lasts 5 to 6 hours in average. This period varies depending on the number of hair follicles (grafts) and hair transplantation technique. Although there is a difference in the amount of hair in the spilled hair, the amount of labor and time vary, it does not show much difference. Among hair transplantation techniques used, FUE method is easier and more painless to give a more successful result.


Those who plan to have hair transplantation should start preparing for operation from a week before. Drugs with blood dilution should not be used before the operation. Because smoking causes blood circulation disorders, hair transplantation may not always produce the desired results. Blood circulation disorder may cause the hair's roots to remain oxygen-free and non-feeding. Therefore, if you should quit smoking 48 hours before the operation and also you should be interrupt drinking. Hair should not be dyed and alcohol should not be used. The hair must be thoroughly cleaned without any chemical substances such as jelly and spray on the hair before the operation.

For hair transplantation operations, a single session may usually be sufficient. In determining the number of hair transplantation sessions, individual characteristics and preferences play a decisive role. If the hair of the person who makes hair transplantation is thick, curly, dark, and the hair clearance is low, an adequate result can be obtained in a single session. If the person's hair is thin, flat, light and the area of hair is too large, more sessions may be required. The sessions are determined depending on the time that the patient devotes to hair transplantation.

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