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Best Hair Transplant in Turkey | AdonisMed
26 MAR

By Mutlu Ekici

Category: Hair Transplantation, Hair Transplantation Turkey


Best Hair Transplant in Turkey

If you go for a walk around the most popular streets in Istanbul you will see a lot of people waking around after they finished their hair transplant.The number of these people is increasing every day more.A lot of people might ask why Turkey has became a popular destination for the hair transplantation and why people from all over the world choose Turkey as the place in where they will have their hair transplantation done and change their life completely.But why choosing Turkey as your destination for the hair transplantation?

First,like everyone might think the reason is the price.Turkey offers an affordable price that most people are able to pay.Generally everything comes included in a package with the operation,the hotel,the transfers,translation and also cures and medicines after having the operation.For everyone this can be quite convenient as they don’t have to think about these details but just to book the plane ticket and come to Istanbul.

Second,the technology used in Turkey is a very advanced.Generally the used method is FUE which means that the patient feels no pain during the operation but he is awake during the procedure and of course there are no scars left.

All the procedure is done in almost three days and after that the patient can go back to his country and slowly he can continue with his normal life.

What you should keep in your mind is the quality of the clinic because there are houndred of clinics and of course the prices that they will give are different,but what is important is the quality of this clinic,how many surgeries they do per day and how do they see you,as a way of earning some money more or as their patient,who should be special and needs care.



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