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By Erdal Cinkiş

Category: Hair Transplant

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FUE Hair Transplantation

The most common method used in hair transplantation in recent years is Fue hair transplantation. Fue hair transplantation method; hair is taken from the two ears of the ensemble individually with the Micro-Motor. After this procedure, there is no scarring in your incisors. Micro-Motor is used in the process of taking hair roots.

The special tips we call Punch attached to the end of the Micro-Motor vary from person to person. Punch thickness varies from 0.6 to 0.9 mm. The thickness of the punches is chosen according to the size of the person's hair root. Thanks to the punch attached to the micro-motor end, it cuts around the bristle roots and this is again collected with a special collet (a tool that looks like a clips).The collected hair follicles are counted into a special water. The number of hair roots purchased varies according to the neck area and openness. The advantage of the FUE method over other methods is that there are no traces of the intake at the neck. After the first ten days of crusting the area will look natural as if nothing had been done.


Micro-Motor is a Method of Hair Transplantation

Micro-motor is a method of hair transplantation with the device used in FUE hair transplantation technique. With the micro-motor method, both the hair follicle taken from the donor area and the amount of hair planted in the balding areas are increasing dramatically. However, the space of hair from the donor area is a serious concern for patients who want to have hair transplantation. Generally the grafts are removed from the very small areas by the micro motor. Automatic sowing maximizes the risk of follicle root damage, as the micro-motor produces heat during the ingestion process and cannot be manually controlled as precisely as the manual punch, the vibration of the device may become traumatic, the skin may be injured and even the hair graft may be damaged. With manual techniques from the donor area, grafts can be more laborious and more time-consuming and more precise. Although there is a risk of wound in the donor area, the sowing rate and micro motor technique are preferred by both patients and surgeons.

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