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By Erdal Cinkiş

Category: Hair Transplant

image Hair Density

Hair Density

For a convenient and successful hair transplant the hair density is really important.The situation of your donor area permits us to define if you are or not able to get the hair transplant done.

Why the hair density is important?

In order to close complety the bald area we should be able to take the necessary number of grafts from the donor area.Thats why the density is important for us. The density after the hair transplant is important.For everyone who is available for the hair transplant there is a convenient method for you.The result can be quite natural and dense. Something which is important to know is that the quality of the follicules can not be changed.Experts should be really specialised in order to detect your method particularly.


Also the donor area should be used really carefully and gently.In this case nothing can be left to luck and coincidence.The best method should be applied in order to give the best direction to your hair.A specialised team can give natural and homogene results.

If you still don't know which method can be more convenient for you,by completing the form in our website you will be able to have the perfect answer to your question.

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