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Hair Transplantation Turkey in İstanbul AdonisMed Blog

By Mutlu Ekici

hair-transplantation-why-turkey-in-istanbul Hair Transplant Istanbul

Hair Transplant İstanbul

For everyone who passed hard times thinking that he won’t be able to have a beard anymore here is a good news: you now can..

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By Mutlu Ekici

hair-transplant-before-after Hair Transplant Prices

Hair Transplantation Prices

Since hair transplantation has become a trade in our country, it is possible to encounter very different prices.

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By Mutlu Ekici

hair-transplantation-why-turkey Turkey

Hair Transplantion Turkey Prices

1.Don’t expect a miracle if you don’t have enough hair in the donor area Of course the hair transplant makes a ..

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By Mutlu Ekici

how-we-can-know-the-quality-of-hairtransplantation-clinic Clinic

How we can know the quality of hairtransplantation clinic?

As the AdonisMed hair October Center, we perform all our operations as a fully equipped..

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By Mutlu Ekici

Is-there-a-season-to-do-the-hairtransplantation Hair Transplant

Is there a season to do the hairtransplantation?

Most men and women want to fight it and find a solution instead of accepting hair loss. When we look at today's technology..

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By Mutlu Ekici

what-are-the-reasons-for-a-failed-hairtransplantation Failed Hairtransplantation

What are the reasons for a failed hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a very serious decision. This is one of the biggest concerns of people who want to have hair transplantation in..

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By Mutlu Ekici

the-appearance-of-crusts-in-the-roots-of-the-hair Hair Transplant

The appearance of crusts in the roots of the hair.

Hair is important for people's appearance.However, the scalp is one of the most important parts of the human body.The crust on..

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By Mutlu Ekici

the-determining-factors-of-the-price-of-a-hairtransplantation Failed Hairtransplantation

The determining factors of the price of a hairtransplantation.

Benenatis mauris Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in industry, logistics, finance, business orci ultrices venenatis mauris. It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted.

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