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Hair Transplantation For Ladies
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By Erdal Cinkiş

Category: Hair Transplant

image Hair Transplantation For Ladies

Hair Transplantation For Ladies

As the technology improved now is possible also for the women to have a hair transplant.There are only a few women who have the type of hair loss that makes them good candidates.The hair loss in women makes all her hair thin including in here the back of the head,which is used as the donor area in men.The doctor proceeding with the operation should be very Professional.The hair transplant in women is done in the same procedure as men but the transplant can be done by not shaving all the head except the donor area.

Hair can now be done not only in men but also in women. Nowadays, hair loss is not only seen in men but also in women. Hair loss is seen due to a variety of nutritional changes, birth, stress, vitamin deficiency, anemia, seasonal spills, genetics, chemotherapy, hormone deficiency and many other causes. The most important thing before hair extraction is that you need to investigate the causes of hair loss. You need to know whether your hair loss is seasonal or genetic and permanent. Because the seasonal or hair loss that comes with the birth will return to its original state over time.

When we detect that the hair loss is permanent, we check if the donor area in the ensemble is sufficient. If there is enough hair in the donor area, then a transplanting can be considered. The hair follicles in women are the same as those in men. There is no need for the hair to be cut off simply for women. An area is cut as much as the other hair will camouflage from the nape of the neck. There is no need to cut hair in the field of transplanting. Especially in women the advantage of hair transplantation is the use of DHI technique. That is, it is a technique of direct sowing of the hair without cutting the channel. Thus, it is possible to plant a frequent transplanting by entering the area without cutting the hair. Thus, it is possible to plant a frequent and natural transplanting.

The picture below demostrates an example of a women hair transplant.


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