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Hair Transplantation Prices Turkey in İstanbul
26 MAR

By Mutlu Ekici

Category: Hair Transplantation, Hair Transplantation Turkey


Hair Transplantion Prices

Since hair transplantation has become a trade in our country, it is possible to encounter very different prices. The most important factor affecting hair transplanting prices; is the experience of the team that makes hairplants. If the results of the surgeries are good, the satisfied patients are directed to this center. For this reason, prices are higher than inexperienced teams. Another factor that affects the price of hair plantation; the quality of the hospital and materials used in hair transplantation. If the number of daily operations performed at hair transplantation centers reaches twenty in ten, these centers are suitable for the prices. Because these centers earn from the version. However, it is a procedure that should be decided by looking at the results without careful and careful prices. Nowadays most hair is planted with FUE method. The process is based on the assumption that the words A +, B +, or the like are introduced. The roots are removed one by one and transported. The price of FUE hair transplant is cheaper than manual graft extraction. Because the manual graft extraction method takes much longer than the FUE method. Again DHI method is based on FUE method is done by removing hair roots. But the DHI method is a more expensive method of hair transplantation than the FUE method. When looking at the whole, hairplant prices vary according to hospital, method used and employee team. Each center has its own price policy.



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