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Important Things That You Need To Know Before Having The Hair Transplant
26 MAR

By Mutlu Ekici

Category: Hair Transplantation, Hair Transplantation Turkey


Important things that you need to know before having the hair transplant

1.Don’t expect a miracle if you don’t have enough hair in the donor area
Of course the hair transplant makes a big difference to your hair and in the way that you look but in the case that your donor are is not big enough to cover the bald part than you shouldn’t expect for a miracle to happen.Also in the case when you are completely bald unfortunately you are not able for the hair transplant.

2.Your hair after the transplant are normal hair
Patients always ask how can their treat their hair after having the transplant,having different doubts in their mind and being scared to loose them again.Well,your transplanted hair is part of your normal hair also so you can treat them just the same.

3.The cost of a hair transplant
This is a big discussion but what we can definetly say is that the price changes from a clinic to another.Don’t run after a cheap operation just to save money because your head is more important.Resarching and consulting with different clinics is the best choice until you take the right decision.

4.There are different methods of the hair transplant
Technoloy had advanced and for this reason there are different methods of the hair transplant.Two are the most famous methods that are used for the hair transplant,FUT and FUE.The difference in these two methods are that with the method FUE the hair follicles are removed and transplanted individually one by one,meanwhile the method FUT only a strip of hair is removed from the back part of your head and is used for the transplant.The method FUT leaves scares in you back and in this way is easily noticeable that you have had a transplant.

5.The clinic where you will have the operation
The good quality of the clinic is connected somehow also with the price.What is important is the clinic to be in perfect conditions,everythin sterilized and a professional group of doctors and nurses.



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