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Is there a season to do the hairtransplantation? | AdonisMed Hair Transplant
Is there a season to do the hairtransplantation?

By Mutlu Ekici

Is there a season to do the hairtransplantation?Is there a season to do the hairtransplantation?

Is there a season to do the hairtransplantation?

Most men and women want to fight it and find a solution instead of accepting hair loss. When we look at today's technology, this hair loss and hair loss will prevent countless drug tips görmekteyiz.Ne unfortunately, such drugs do not show any effect or result promised to people, but cause more unhappiness and loss of confidence in people.With the advancement of technology every passing day, hair transplantation has proven that these drugs are completely unnecessary.The biggest factor of hair transplantation is the guarantee that the planted hair will not fall out again.However, one of the questions that comes to the mind of men and women who have given up hair transplantation is the question of the season.Some while clinics say it is more appropriate to have hair planted in winter, some clinics say it is in summer.The result of our research is that these designations are unwarranted and that there is no season for hair transplantation. That is to say,

There are negative aspects of winter planting according to seasonal conditions as well as negative aspects of hair planting done in summer.These negative factors have no effect on hair transplantation or hair regrowth.This is your personal decision.

Two Different Options

It is important to wear a hat after hair transplantation no matter what season.This hat should definitely be cotton and should not bore the head.Because hair transplantation patients are not recommended to be exposed to direct sunlight.However, all patients who have hair transplantation should not enter the pool or the sea until the process of crustalization has passed.

Some Information That Is Known Incorrectly


Hair Is Definitely Not Planted In Summer.

This is a completely false rumor.Hair transplantation can be done in summer as well as October in winter.In summer, hair grows faster than in winter and the rate of regeneration of the skin is faster than in winter.

Pool and sea can not enter

This information is as wrong as any other information.After hair transplantation, it is possible to enter the pool and the sea with the loss of the crust.

Price More Affordable In Summer

Although most clinics do, no clinic that stands out by its quality changes its prices according to the seasons.Because there is no difference between winter surgery and summer surgery.The material and material used are always the same.


Are the winter months more advantageous

Most people prefer the winter months because, as we mentioned at the beginning of our summer months, they want to enter the old look.We mentioned before that there is no importance of the seasons in hair transplantation.The important part of the seasons occurs in the period after the hair transplantation process.In this process, the substances to be considered in the summer and winter months may differ.Because of the colder weather conditions of the planting in the winter months, it is preferred more than the summer months.Because the patient is sweating during the summer the hair is planted it can irritate the area by taking its hand to the hair because of its sweat.As the weather creates an air conditioning effect during the winter months, such situations are experienced very little.

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