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Hair Transplant Manuel Technique
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By Erdal Cinkiş

Category: Hair Transplant

image Manuel Technique Hair Transplant

Manuel Technique Hair Transplant


There are several methods used in the hair transplant in order to get the best and optimal results.But what is really important to understand is that the hair structure and experience are somehow decisive in order to have a successful hair transplant.

B.Which one is the best method of the hair transplant?

This is one of the most frequented asked question.The best method can be different from a person to another and what is considered as convenient for one person maybe cannot be convenient for another one.
There are two classical methods of hair transplant:
The main difference between these two methods consists in the way of the graft prelevement.By using the FUE Method there will be no scars left and this is the main reason why FUE Method is more preferred.Also at the same time there are less ''negative'' effects.
Inside the FUE Method itself there are two other methods;


C.Manual vs.Micromotor

Both of these methods have in their base the punch.

Differences consist in:

• Micromotor Method is done by using the power of the micromotor machine

• Manual Method is basically a ''handmade method'' done by using the power of the expert.

• By using the Manual Method the skin will recover faster and there will be less damage given to the follicules as the prelevement will be optimized.

But is manual hair transplant more complicated?

This method for sure takes more time and afford.By using the Manual Method you can take maximum 2000 grafts and in the case that more grafts are needed you will have to do a second session of hair transplant.The specialist in this case should be experienced in order to acheive positive results.

D.If you still don't know which method can be more convenient for you,by completing the form in our website you will be able to have the perfect answer to your question.

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