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By Erdal Cinkiş

Category: Hair Transplant

image Painless Hair Transplantation

Painless Hair Transplantation


Before starting the hair transplant there is a local anesthesia applied in the donor area and as well as in the receiver area.The reason behind this is to provide a pleasant operation,without much pain.Of course as the technology improved also methods used in local anesthesia improved.

What is a painless hair transplant?

A painless hair transplant is done without injection or needle.This way the patient feels the minimum of pain.

B.Information about painless hair transplant

DermoJet is the machine used in order to give a painless hair transplant.The machine by using its piston system makes the liquid spread faster.There is a liquid of 0.15mm used and its considered to be sufficient for a hair transplant.What helps the piston system is the spring applied on the donor and receiver area.By pressing the piston the liquid is injected by applying a pressure for a couple of seconds.



• What distinguishes DermoJet machine from other ways of injections are:

• No needle scratches

• Is applied really easily

• Is certified

• Its a quite safe method

• You feel almost no painless

• Is modified individually

• Is spread faster

• The reached effect is better

• The technique is quite fast


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