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Scar and Burn Closure Hair Transplant
26 MAR

By Mutlu Ekici

Category: Hair Transplantation, Hair Transplantation Turkey

scar-and-burn-cosure-hair-transplantation Scar and Burn Closure

Scar and Burn Closure

Hair transplanting is a micro-surgical procedure that can be done in all areas of baldness. Wound and burn marks, surgical marks, golf, small spills in the hill, openings in some areas of the beard are also applied. The most important thing in regional sowing is that it is blood in the region (blood circulation). Touching the scar is important for what happens. Because hair transplantation is done in areas with blood circulation. In regional hair transplantation, the hair is picked one by one by FUE method intentionally and it is planted with DHI method so that it looks more natural and natural. Hair does not need to be completely cut for this process. Only the neck is shaved before the neck is completely shaved. The area to be planted is not shaved at all. Thus, your shaved hair or beard transplanting becomes real.



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