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The Appearance Of Crusts in The Roots Of The Hair | AdonisMed Hair Transplant
The Appearance Of Crusts in The Roots Of The Hair

By Mutlu Ekici

Category: Hair Transplant

image The Appearance Of Crusts in The Roots Of The Hair

The Appearance Of Crusts in The Roots Of The Hair

Hair is important for people's appearance.However, the scalp is one of the most important parts of the human body.The crust on the scalp affects the health and psychology of the person in a negative way.In this article, What is the crust on the bottom of the hair and what are the main reasons for it? we've compiled it for you.

Causes Crusting Of The Hair And Scalp?

In general, this is caused by psychological reasons.The scalp is scabbed and most people who try to remove this scabbing by scratching the wounds and as a result, suicide occurs.In general, there is no clear cause of crustalization in the hair roots.However, it was determined that the main reasons came from inadequate personal care, depression, personal concerns and the use of different cosmetic materials.

The differences between scabbing and eczema from scalp

When we look at both diseases, the reasons for their occurrence are almost identical.Eczema is more common in people who experience intense stress and have a lot of personal concerns.Although the causes of the two diseases are often the same, the healing and treatment processes are different. Although the treatment times of crusts at the bottom of the hair are short, eczema can be permanent in some cases.

Insufficient attention and care after hair transplantation

Hair transplant surgery is done after the patient's October in the process of Strictly checks should be done.In patients coming from abroad, this procedure takes place with 7 to 10 day photos.The operations of the patients performed on the first day of the hair is not finished until the desired appearance.One of the main reasons for this is related to the clinic's own principles and patient health.Hair transplantation is done in this case bleeding, itching, sweating and such conditions will be. In such cases, it will be a very difficult process for the patients to find an addressee in the clinics.In such factors, it is important for patients to explain and apply the methods that should be applied to them in terms of patient health.Hair transplantation is one of the biggest factors in the occurrence of unintended results.


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