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Why AdonisMed Hair Transplant ?
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By Erdal Cinkiş

Category: Hair Transplant

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Why Adonis?

AdonisMed Hair Transplant continues to follow the patient's condition even after hair transplantation and supports all needs. We are here to help you before the surgery, during the surgery and after the surgery.

A.FUE hair transplant safely in a hospital environment

Us as AdonisMed we take all our operations inside Academic Hospital and that's the most important part when choosing the ideal place to get the hair transplant done.We are based in Istanbul,Tukey a city that is considered a strategic point to other parts of the world.


B.Experienced medical team

AdonisMed has been operating for 10 years in Istanbul with international patients coming from many countries of America,Europe,Asia and Africa.Our team is a fixed one for more than 7 years making sure that everything gets done as the patients require.

C.Latest technology and methods

We make sure to apply the latest technology and also adopt brand new methods.We try to follow everyhting right in time in order to provide a better service to our patients and also to improve everyday more

D.Make the experience easier for our patients

We understand that for some of our patients it can be really difficult to take the plane and come until Istanbul,without having it totally clear in their mind of what expects them in their arrival.Through our VIP transfers,pre check-up before the operation,the help of our assistants,translators,medical team and comfortable accommodation we make sure that your trip to Istanbul becomes more pleasant and patients leave with good memories from us.

E.Keep in contact with our patients

For us is not important only the part when the patient comes,finishes the operation and goes back to his country.What is also very important is to stay in contact with the patients even after they leave Istanbul.Our team is always communicating with them,asking photos after their operation making sure that they continue with their lives normally and happy after the hair transplant.


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